NEW: Minister reveals millions more to fund PRS support schemes for homeless

Councils across England have been gifted a festive cash boost to help fund more mediation with landlords in a bid to avoid evictions, and also fund rental deposits for those at risk of homeless too.

It’s part of a £654 million package that will also enable authorities to target support at vulnerable families and people at risk of rough sleeping.

As well as mediation work, the money will be used to provide temporary accommodation for families and to help individuals at risk of becoming homeless pay deposits for new homes. Another £24 million will help support homeless domestic abuse victims.

Top-up cash

Today’s festive-timed announcement follows a £50 million top-up to the grant for this year and forms part of the government’s wider £2 billion package of support to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.


Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Felicity Buchan (pictured), says everyone should have a safe and secure home.

“This government is determined to prevent homelessness and to get vulnerable families and individuals the support they need,” she adds.

“Whether it’s emergency housing, support to pay a deposit, or mediation to prevent eviction, today’s package will provide help to those who need it the most at the discretion of those who know them best.”

Each council will receive their share from the Homelessness Prevention Grant to spend in their local areas over the next two years.

Buchan says councils can use the money flexibly based on their knowledge of the local area and the local housing market.

Many already use the funding to offer mediation services for landlords and tenants to prevent evictions or implement special programmes to identify root causes of homelessness.

According to the government, since the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act in 2018, more than 500,000 households have had their homelessness successfully prevented or relieved.

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