Property duo launch platform for accredited property ‘sourcers’ and investors

A new property platform aims to revolutionize the buy-to-let sector by connecting property sourcers and investors.

Invesourced has been launched by self-taught property sourcer Williams who met partner, investor Kelly Hopkins (both pictured above) when he sourced a deal for her.

Based in Caerphilly, the platform lets users share their investment profiles and investment opportunities to secure lucrative opportunities.

Professional property sourcers specialize in finding properties that are either undervalued or where the valuation would be significantly uplifted by a renovation or a change of use. They then package the opportunity to investors in return for a fee, usually a percentage of the purchase value.


However, according to the pair, the market is disjointed, with WhatsApp Groups, social media groups or mailing lists used to flag and discuss opportunities.

Instead, Invesourced allows property sourcers to upload multiple deals, which can then be viewed by multiple investors, filtered by price, risk, geographic region and type of property. Invesourced will take a percentage of the sourcer’s fee.

Sourcers will need professional indemnity insurance, ICO registration, Property Ombudsman or Property Redress Scheme membership and be compliant with anti-money laundering regulations.

The company is developing a way to work with non-compliant sourcers to help them become compliant.

“We have already seen strong interest from both investors and sourcers who understand the benefits and the time it will save them,” says Williams. “I am excited to be launching this venture with Kelly and feel this will be the start of a much bigger journey for all of us.”

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