Wembley landlord fined £25,500 for overcrowded property in Kilburn

Rogue landlord:

Landlord Salah Ali was ordered to pay a £25,500 fine by Willesden Magistrates after he removed part of the roof from his property whilst it was occupied by 25 tenants.

Rogue landlord Ali was also found guilty of operating the HMO property in Kilburn without a compulsory licence and was in breach of numerous safety issues.

The offences came to light after the fire brigade was called to the property because of a leak caused when workmen removed part of the property’s roof. This was done while tenants were still living the house.

The three storey HMO had also been a living nightmare for neighbours who had complained to the council about overflowing rubbish bins around the house, creating a breeding ground for rodents.

It was on the 22 July that Willesden Magistrates found that Mr Ali was guilty of the serious housing law breaches and his failure to obtain a licence from Brent Council.

The council had been unable to provide proof that Ali had been receiving rent from the occupants living at the overcrowded and unlicensed HMO, though it was said that Ali had not actually been managing the property himself.

[Image source – Brent Council]

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Housing and Welfare Reform, had said:

“A landlord who receives money from tenants is responsible for ensuring that his or her property is licensed and meeting the requirements of that licence. The tenants who were living in Mr Ali’s property in Willesden Lane had to suffer unsafe conditions until the council stepped in. Every Brent resident has the right to live in a safe home of a decent standard.”

After the Fire Brigade was called to stop the roof leak, Council enforcement officers got involved and visited the property following this incident. After an inspection the officers issued a prohibition on Mr Ali because because of the extent of the unsafe conditions. Ali’s tenants were assisted by Brent’s housing team in finding new accommodation.

Brent landlords can get advice and apply for a licence online at www.brent.gov.uk/prslicensing

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