Hi there,
I’m looking for someone to move into my cosy double room. I’m moving because I want somewhere a little bigger but this room is truly in a great location. You’re bang in the middle of rectory road and Clapton stations and 20 mins walk away from Hackney central. It’s a decent sized room if you work full time and are not spending an awful lot of time here.
There’s also a shared kitchen with a sofa and tv (Netflix, iPlayer etc installed- which I will miss greatly!) where I would spend a lot of my time. Decent bathroom size, bath and shower. Plenty of storage space in cupboards upstairs. There’s also space under the stairs to store a bike if you have one!
The 4 guys living here are laid back and friendly. They like to go out for drinks and will happily chat when they see you. There’s also a garden!
It truly is a great room for the price. Bed is cosy and you can store stuff under it too!
Send me a message for more info and arrange a viewing!

Added: 10 months ago


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